No matter how frequently you travel or how infrequently, there is always a travel tip that you may not be aware of. After all, there are numerous tasks involved in organizing a trip, including selecting a destination, booking flights or planning road trips, creating an agenda, and packing your bags.
We could all use few travel tips to help us through the next trips we have because 

airports are as crowded as ever and airfare prices seem to be at an all-time high.

I'm sharing six game-changing travel tips that I wish I knew sooner, so that you can be as prepared as ever and have your best trip yet. I always use Ziploc Space Bags for my clothes, and here are some additional tips that I swear by.
1. Use CBD while traveling to reduce jet lag and anxiety
CBD can help regulate your mood, reduce stress, boost your energy, and leave you feeling more balanced overall. It can truly be a game changer for things like jet lag and general travel anxiety.
2. Don’t overpay for your flights.
There are so many ways to save money on flights that it would be foolish not to take advantage of them. 
*To evaluate your options, use service like Hopper, Skyscanner, or Google Flights to 
view all airlines simultaneously. Most even let you set up notifications so you can be informed when the cost of your flights is at its lowest.
*If your trip dates are flexible, utilize low fare calendar to determine the cheapest 
times to fly to your location.
*Create frequent flyer account with the airline you are devoted to in order to accrue points and enjoy future savings. Also, you may save ton of money by utilizing your 
favorite airline's credit card as your main one if it is offered by them or collaborates with large one.
3. Have dryer sheets on hand for fresh-smelling clothing.
Pack a few dryer sheets in between clothes -- as a bonus, dryer sheets also help reduce static.
4. Bring pillowcase with zipper.
In case you run out of space, you can put clothes into it and just bring it on the plane with you. This also works if you get to the airport with an overweight suitcase and need to put some stuff elsewhere.
5. Download Google Maps offline.
When you're on the road, you never know when you might lose service, and if you're 
going abroad, you might already be aware that you won't have data plan. 

In order to always know where you are, Google Maps lets you download certain map 
areas (such as cities or neighborhoods) to access offline. 
Although you won't be able to ask for directions, you can use your old map reading abilities to get around the city the old-fashioned way.
6. Keep your jewelry wrapped in cling wrap to prevent tangling.
If you don't have a travel jewelry case, just roll up your necklaces and bracelets in cling rap after fully extending their chains. This prevents them from tangling and takes up very little space in your suitcase. 


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