Drinks have been part of human culture forever, right? Whether it's a special treat or your go-to morning pick-me-up (I'm looking at you, fellow coffee lovers), they're always there.

And it's not just about summer sips; we enjoy drinks all year round. From bubbly champagne on New Year's Eve to a steaming hot espresso on a chilly December morning, there's something for every season.

As we gear up for World Cocktail Day on May 13th, casino.ca dug into Google trends to see which cocktails are causing the biggest stir. The kinda sketchy poll decided to check out what cocktails people are Googling the most in all 50 states.

I say it's sketchy because, you know, most of the results make sense, but then there's #3, which is some random drink that's topping searches in North Dakota and four different states.

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So, get your shakers and fancy garnishes ready as we spill the beans on America's state-by-state cocktail preferences. Brace yourself, 'cause North Dakota's pick might throw you for a loop, like it did for me.

  1. Margarita is taking the crown in Montana and 30 other states, and even our neighbors up north are on the same page.
  2. Martini's holding strong in second place, with nine states raising their glasses, including our nation's capital.
  3. Constantine. (Huh?) This mysterious choice dates back to the 1930s and is kind of like a gin martini with a splash of absinthe. And get this, it's the top search in North Dakota, South Dakota, Michigan, New Mexico, and West Virginia. Did it go viral on TikTok or something? Or do folks in these states just have a soft spot for that 2005 Keanu Reeves movie?

So, who would've thought cocktails could tell us so much about America, right? From Margaritas ruling the roost in most places to Constantine throwing us a curveball in a handful of states, it's like a boozy adventure across the nation.

Whether you're sticking to your tried-and-true favorite or feeling adventurous, here's to raising a glass and celebrating World Cocktail Day in style. Let's also remember to make smart choices and never drink and drive.

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