Helping out stray cats with shelters in North Dakota can really make a big difference all year long, especially when the weather gets tough.

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Here are some tips to keep in mind:

Types of Shelters: You can get creative with shelters, from DIY setups using stuff like plastic bins or Styrofoam coolers filled with straw, to fancier options you can find at pet stores or online. Just make sure whatever you choose is weatherproof, insulated, and lifted off the ground to keep moisture and cold out. Oh, and don't forget to weigh them down with something heavy so they don't blow away in the wind!

Location: Find a quiet, safe spot away from busy areas and predators. Think about where the cats hang out or hide, like near feeding spots.

Insulation: Stick to using straw inside the shelters to keep the cats warm. Avoid stuff like towels or blankets that can get damp and freeze. Remember the saying: "Straw is for strays. Hay is for horses."

Accessibility: Make sure the entrance is big enough for a cat but small enough to hold in heat. And position it away from chilly winds.

Feeding and Water: It's a good idea to have food and water nearby, especially in the winter. Just make sure the water doesn't freeze, and change it often.

Maintenance: Keep the shelters clean and comfy by swapping out the bedding regularly.

Community Involvement: Get in touch with local animal groups or folks who look after feral cats for help and advice.

Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR): Work with shelters or organizations running TNR programs to help control the stray cat population.

Legal and Safety Stuff: Make sure you're following all the rules and keeping the shelters safe for the cats.

By providing shelters, you're giving these cats a much-needed break from the elements, making life a bit easier for them in North Dakota's rough weather.

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Gallery Credit: John Robinson

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