Ever get the feeling you're being watched? It was late one night and Mrs ARRR or the director of ARRR, was sitting on the concrete floor of the shop, organizing things to take to a cat adoption day at TSC. She felt like she was being watched but everyone had gone to bed. And then, in the darkness under the horse trailer, she saw a pair of glowing eyes.

This is the story of how Grayson was stumbled upon at the ARRR Ranch during the autumn of 2021. Remarkably, he had seemingly made his way there independently. The enigmatic feline was taken in, pampered, bestowed with a name, and received his inaugural veterinary check-up.

Grayson is an extraordinary cat! With his lengthy gray fur and striking yellow-green eyes, he's a sight to behold. He's remarkably affectionate with humans and enjoys perching on your shoulder. He appears to be fond of kids and canines, yet, regrettably, he must spend the night in a cage due to his dislike of other cats. As captured in the photos below, he despises being confined and yearns for a loving home where he can revel in his true contentment.

Greyson is neutered, litterbox trained and up to date on vaccines.

If you have room in your home and in your heart, please adopt Greyson. He's been patiently waiting 2 years to find his forever family.

Email ARRR arrr5292@gmail.com. You can meet Greyson at the Animal Rescue and Retirement Ranch in Williston.

ARRR Rescue and Retirement Ranch is a large animal sanctuary and cat rescue serving Williston, North Dakota and surrounding areas. ARRR is a 501-(c)(3) non profit.

ARRR Cat of the Week-Grayson 11-1-2023

Gallery Credit: Mad Max

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