Dressing makes or breaks a salad, right? From tangy ranch to rich mayo blends, it's the real hero.

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Across the U.S., dressing preferences are all over. Sales figures paint a revealing picture, with one particular dressing reigning supreme.

Ranch rules in 13 states, and Catalina shares the love. Others, like Thousand Island and Zesty Italian, hold their ground. Then there are the oddballs: Iowa's into chunky blue cheese, while Texas and Arizona go for raspberry vinaigrette.

Now, North Dakotans? They're wild about ranch. I mean, they slap it on everything—pizza, fries, you name it. It's more than a topping; it's a lifestyle.

What's the deal? Ranch is like a culinary chameleon, fitting into any dish without missing a beat.

In North Dakota, ordering a salad pretty much comes with an unsaid request: "Can I get some ranch, please?" It's like an unwritten rule.

Loads of folks there prefer homemade ranch, each family with its own secret recipe.

But for North Dakotans, ranch isn't just a condiment—it's comfort, hospitality, and the love for good eats.

It's not just about dressing; it's a piece of North Dakota's soul. Creamy, tangy, and adaptable, ranch brings folks together and captures the state's heart.

So, if you're ever in North Dakota, get ready for ranch—it's an invite to join in on their love affair with this creamy goodness.

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