Hey there, lovebirds! As we dive into the peak of wedding season, a new study from BadCredit.org has uncovered a bit of a buzzkill: more than half a million couples won't be tying the knot this year due to financial constraints.

In North Dakota, about 1,381 couples are hitting the pause button on their wedding plans this summer because of poor credit. After surveying over 3,000 couples, the research found that many in our state are delaying or outright canceling their weddings due to financial woes, particularly those linked to low credit scores.

Traditionally, personal loans have been the go-to for funding weddings. But if your credit score isn't up to par, getting approved for a loan can be a real challenge. Even couples who aren't depending on loans are feeling the pinch, with inflation and rising costs making wedding expenses harder to manage.


Despite these financial hurdles, many North Dakota couples are staying hopeful. Among those who postponed their weddings this year, 61% are aiming for a 2025 wedding, and 29% plan to say "I do" within the next three years. On the bright side, 40% said the delay actually strengthened their relationships, though 28% reported more tensions, and 7% even reconsidered their relationships because of the financial strain.

When asked to choose between a lavish wedding with debt or a modest ceremony with financial stability, a whopping 88% chose the modest route, preferring to avoid debt. However, some couples are willing to go to great lengths to fund their big day: 54% would consider cutting essential expenses like food and rent, 23% might sell personal or family heirlooms, and 22% would take out a high-interest loan.

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Even with these financial challenges, love still finds a way. Nearly half (47%) of those who previously financed their weddings with borrowed money had no regrets.

“Ultimately, this research gives us a sobering look at how financial pressures impact modern relationships. Making smart decisions in the face of these challenges is crucial, and starting a marriage on solid financial footing has never been more important,” said Jon McDonald, Senior Editor at BadCredit.org.


As North Dakota couples navigate these financial obstacles, their resilience and optimism highlight the enduring power of love, even in tough economic times.

Map Showing The Number of Weddings Impacted by State

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