It's February and we know colder weather is here to stay for awhile.

During this season, many families grapple with limited resources, striving to meet their fundamental needs—food, warmth, and shelter. Unfortunately, individuals with lower incomes often endure compromised health due to their inability to afford adequate heating for their homes.

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Both heating and eating are vital for our health in the cold weather, but winter hardship – having to choose between heating and eating -causes deaths every year. Locally people will die this winter because they can’t afford both food and fuel.

North Dakotans can apply for home heating help for the upcoming winter. Families in need of assistance paying their heating bills can apply for the state’s home energy assistance program.

Called the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), the program covers a portion of a home’s heating costs, it can also help homeowners with winterizing their homes, including furnace repair, chimney inspection, and insulating doors.

Families that spend less money on home energy have more money available to contribute to the economy by buying other goods and services.

Both homeowners and renters can apply now through May 31, 2024.

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