If you're gearing up to enjoy the Super Bowl with your fellow North Dakota parents and their families this year, chances are you'll have some little guests joining in the fun.

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While some might shy away from the spicy chili, jalapeno poppers, or Buffalo wings, fear not! You can still keep those pint-sized football fans happy with these kid-friendly munchies.

  1. Walking Tacos – Whip up these savory delights right in single-serve bags of Fritos or Doritos.
  2. Pull-Apart Pigs in a Blanket – Serve with ketchup and mustard on the side for dipping.
  3. Veggie Touchdown Tots – They may look like tots, but they're loaded with nutrition for a winning play.
  4. Cheese Blitz Ball – Shape it like a football and roll it in potato chips instead of parsley or walnuts. Serve with breadsticks, pretzels, crackers, carrots, and celery for a versatile snack.
  5. Gridiron Helmet Fruit Salad – Carve your melon into a helmet shape and fill it with fresh fruit. Offer whipped cream or fruit dip on the side for extra sweetness.
  6. Air Fryer Huddle Baked Onion Rings – Crispy and delicious, try these in your air fryer for a healthier twist.
  7. Referee Nutter Butter Cookies – Decorate these peanut buttery treats with black-and-white icing to resemble officials on the field.
  8. Touchdown Brownie "Burgers" – They may look like burgers, but they're actually sweet treats everyone will love.
  9. Mini Endzone Eclairs – Utilize pre-made eclairs with chocolate icing, then add vanilla icing laces for a decorative touch.

Don't forget to include classic favorites like ranch dressing, chips and dip, sliders, and even toasted PB-and-J with marshmallow fluff for the little ones to enjoy throughout the game!

And hey, don't be surprised if the grown-ups find themselves sneaking nibbles from the little table!

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