Williston's Whisker Wednesday adoptable cat is adorable.

Introducing Shadow, the featured Pet of the Week at Mondak Animal Rescue in Williston.

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Shadow embodies the essence of a perfect companion, always ready to brighten your day with her charming personality. Currently holding the record as the shelter's longest resident, at a remarkable 193 days (and counting), we believe there's a loving forever home waiting just for her.

Shadow brings a set of unique qualities to the table:

  • She's spayed and litter box trained, making her an ideal housemate.
  • Shadow is a social butterfly who thrives in the company of other cats.
  • Her playful spirit truly shines when surrounded by toys, particularly her cherished pink ball.
  • She has a natural talent for climbing and keeping a watchful eye on everything you do.

Shadow is an indoor cat who finds comfort in the cozy confines of your home. While she may be a little cautious around dogs, she can adapt to harmonious coexistence with them.

Like every superhero, Shadow has her kryptonite, which happens to be allergies. But fret not, a bit of special cat food is all it takes to keep her in the best of health.

If you're in search of a loyal and affectionate companion, Shadow eagerly awaits the opportunity to become your best friend. Reach out to Mondak if you believe you can provide the loving home she so rightfully deserves.

For more information, call 701-577-7387.


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