Mondak Animal Rescue of Williston is beyond excited to invite you to a special event they've been dreaming of for years, made possible by the amazing support from Ataraxis Yoga!

Ataraxis Yoga has generously offered to host a yoga class at MDAR's shelter, surrounded by lovable rescue cats and kittens. This unique experience, aptly named Yoga & Kittens, is perfect for all ages (5 years and up with a purchased ticket).

All proceeds from this event will directly support their rescue efforts. Plus, anyone bringing an item from their wish list will be entered into a drawing for gift baskets and certificates! Check out their wish list here.

Yoga & Kittens Event Details:

  • Dates: Wednesday, July 10
  • Time: 6:00PM - 7:00PM
  • Location: Mondak Animal Rescue Shelter

🎟️ How to Join:

Remember, class sizes are limited, so secure your tickets now!

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MDAR is incredibly grateful to Ataraxis Yoga for donating their time and energy to support the rescue cats. This is a wonderful gift that will significantly impact the shelter. They are continuously amazed by the generosity of the Williston community. Your participation not only benefits their shelter but also the many rescue animals they care for every day.

Modak Animal Rescue can't wait to see you at this fun event!

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