It was a chilly and frosty weekend in Northwestern North Dakota. My original plan had been to travel to Grand Forks to visit family, but Mother Nature had different intentions. The highway conditions were icy, which made it unsafe for me to embark on the journey. As a result, I opted to stay home for the weekend.

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I got to show off my new fall hair colors courtesy of Sami Jo Meyers at Trendy Tangles.

During the course of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, I sold tickets for the Williston High School Drama Club. They staged a rendition of the High School edition of "Clue." These performances took place in the WHS Commons Area, with a delightful intermission featuring desserts and thematically appropriate beverages.

It marked the first occasion where the WHS Drama Club experimented with performing in the commons area while serving delectable themed desserts. Their aspirations include the expansion of this concept into a full-fledged dinner theater experience for a future performance. The WHS Drama's next production will be "Puffs," with show dates set for January 12 at 7:00pm and January 13 at 2:00pm.

Following the Saturday performance, I made my way to Our Redeemer's Lutheran Church for the annual Meatball dinner. I picked up takeout orders, and, as always, the meal was a delectable treat. My heartfelt thanks go out to all the volunteers who dedicated their time to prepare and serve this sumptuous feast.

Sunday marked National Cat Day, and I celebrated by paying a visit to our beloved resident radio station cat, CC. She savored a peaceful nap on my lap and, later, indulged in some catnip-infused toys and a playful game of chasing the shoelace.

Got a workout in at the gym on Sunday too.

And that is it! I hope you had a great weekend! Thanks as always for looking at my five pictures!

-Mad Max

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