If you don't understand the "you had one job" meme, it can't get any clearer than this:

580,000 coffee mugs are being recalled because they CAN'T HOLD COFFEE without breaking. It's unclear how they messed that up.

They're called "JoyJolt Declan Single Wall Glass Coffee Mugs" and apparently, the glass has been cracking when filled with hot liquids, which can obviously cause cuts and burns.

It didn't just happen once or twice—there have been 103 incidents of these glasses breaking at the base, resulting in 56 injuries. That includes 35 reports of burns and 21 cuts, with seven requiring stitches or surgery.

Photo courtesy of U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission
Photo courtesy of U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission

The 16-ounce coffee mugs, distributed by New York-based MM Products Inc., were sold online through the company's JoyJolt website and on Amazon.com from September 2019 through May 2022.

These mugs were available in sets of six, priced between $20 and $25. The recalled glasses can be identified by model number JG10242, which is printed on the side of the product packaging and included in the order confirmation.

If you have one of these mugs and it hasn't MAIMED YOU, stop using it immediately and send it back for a full refund. (Here's more info on that.)

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