With Governor Doug Burgum missing out on the third presidential debate, it raises the question: Why is he still running?

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Yes, it is his right as a natural-born American over the age of 35 to run for the presidency; however, at the juncture of the race, what is the point?

Burgum, who is independently wealthy, has often been criticized as being a RINO (Republican In Name Only) throughout his tenure in the state's highest office. That has not seemed to slow down his push to expand North Dakota's global footprint.  Which has included having a hand in pushing forward some ideas with disastrously bad optics.

The most notable has been his steadfastness in supporting the North Dakota Legacy Fund's questionable investment portfolio. Not only is the state of North Dakota making money from Chinese oil companies in direct competition with North Dakota's energy sector, but it is also investing in several nations guilty of human rights violations.

Back to the seemingly failed run for president, If you can tell me how to properly marry someone claiming to be an outsider while also running an entire state, constantly touting being a small town kid at the same time as having backpfeifengesicht that comes with being close to, if not a billionaire, then you deserve a Pulitzer.

It's not that far a stretch that he is still running for office; everyone loves a long shot as a feel-good story. At least when the underdog is a plucky good guy.

If it is an earnest, albeit probably foolhearted, belief that he can still win and lead the nation, then good on Doug.

However, if it isn't, let us wildly speculate.

Maybe the governor is taking notes from the movie "The Producers".

Possibly the Burgum has that same something that everyone with a lust for power has.

If we believe national pendants who infer the governor from the Peace Garden State's performances on the national stage, maybe that wasn't Doug the whole time, and it was actually one of Madame Tussauds wax figures stuffed with springs, gears, and a hamster on a wheel.

Whatever it is, it's probably about time that he comes back for his trip for milk to New Hampshire and Iowa and puts his full attention on North Dakota and how to best serve the people that put him in office.

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