As North Dakotans emerge from their winter hibernation, there's a collective yearning for sunshine and warmth.

However, with the joys of sun-kissed days come the perils of sunburns. While some take sensible precautions to protect their skin, others seem to have devised creative—albeit utterly ineffective—methods to fend off the sun's fiery wrath.

Here, we unveil the worst ways to avoid sunburns in the Peace Garden State:

Butter Up

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Why settle for conventional sunscreen when you can slather yourself in everyone's favorite dairy delight?

Some misguided souls believe that butter offers natural sun protection.

You'll end up smelling like a sizzling skillet and attracting a swarm of curious flies. Plus, good luck getting that greasy residue off your skin!

Duct Tape Defense

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In a desperate attempt to shield themselves from UV rays, some North Dakotans resort to wrapping themselves in duct tape.

While this might offer some protection from the sun, it's also a surefire way to attract puzzled stares and earn the nickname "The Tin Foil Sun Warrior." Bonus points for creativity, but zero points for practicality.

The Mud Bath Method

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Who needs SPF when you have mud?

Some adventurous individuals believe that coating themselves in mud from head to toe will provide adequate sun protection.

While it may offer a temporary barrier, you'll spend the rest of the day resembling a swamp creature and facing the wrath of anyone within smelling distance.

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Fashionably Late for the Shade

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Why seek shade when you can simply show up fashionably late to the sunburn party?

Some sun-worshippers believe that their melanin-deprived skin (we're looking at you, Scandinavians) will magically develop a resistance to sunburns if they spend just a few minutes in direct sunlight.

Spoiler alert: it doesn't work that way. Instead, you'll end up looking like a lobster at a beach barbecue.

The SPF-Free Attire

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For the fashion-forward sun-dodgers out there, who needs sunscreen when you can simply dress in layers of sheer, breathable fabrics?

Some believe that their stylish attire alone will ward off sunburns, opting for skimpy tank tops and barely-there shorts as their go-to summer ensemble. Unfortunately, while their outfits may be Instagram-worthy, their skin is left defenseless against the sun's harmful rays.

Cue the inevitable sunburn stripes and regrettable tan lines, making them the unwitting poster children for fashion faux pas meets sunburn sensation.

While these methods might elicit a chuckle or two, they're hardly effective ways to avoid sunburns in North Dakota.

So, as the sun shines down upon the prairie, remember to reach for the sunscreen, seek shade when needed, and leave the duct tape at home. After all, nobody wants to spend their summer looking like a melted popsicle.

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