It's possible that you're feeling overwhelmed by the amount of Easter buying you have to do, and you might find it difficult to decide what to buy to complete your Easter shopping. Despite the fact that you already possess the fundamentals and the baskets are great, there are a few things that you are missing. Let us discuss about sweets! Specifically, the confectionery that stands out as the most popular in each state. asked the tough questions, did the research, and got down to brass tacks to lay out the top 3 for each state. Easter is less than a week away, so these results are from last year's surveys.

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So what are the favorites for our region?


  • 3rd Cadbury Mini Eggs
  • 2nd Foil Wrapped Chocolate Eggs
  • 1st Kinder Eggs


  • 3rd Plastic Eggs with Candy
  • 2nd Peeps
  • 1st Jelly Beans

South Dakota

  • 3rd Chocolate Truffles
  • 2nd Foil Wrapped Chocolate Eggs
  • 1st Peeps

North Dakota

  • 3rd Cadbury Mini Eggs
  • 2nd Foil Wrapped Chocolate Eggs
  • 1st Chocolate Truffles

The question of what candy will finish your Easter baskets becomes important when you're making final preparations for the celebration and crossing all the ts and i's. has thankfully already done the hard work for you; based on poll results from the previous year, it has identified the best Easter confections for every state. Choices differ by location, such as Minnesota's fondness for Kinder Eggs, Montana's adoration of Jelly Beans, and South Dakota's preference for Peeps. Whether you're loving chocolate truffles or Cadbury Mini Eggs, these tips provide a delicious road map to make sure your Easter festivities are chock-full of the tastiest treats conceivable.

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