Driving through North Dakota neighborhoods, you might have noticed metal stars attached to houses.

Oh, you haven't? Well, you must be walking around with your eyes closed, because they are everywhere.

They come in all sorts of colors and sizes, and there’s no rhyme or reason to where you’ll find one.

Sometimes they're perched over the garage door, squeezed between two windows, slapped on the front door, or even tacked onto a barn or shed.

Sure, they add a rustic and decorative touch to the house; however, they may be more than just a piece of barn chic decoration to make the place look pretty.

An article in Taste of Home breaks down the history and meaning behind these stars you see scattered around.

Apparently, these stars, aside from just being the latest fad, hold some rather profound significance.

From warding off evil spirits to symbolizing friendship and hope, these stars are more than just eye candy. Each color supposedly carries a special meaning for homeowners. Who knew that decorating your house with Joannes Fabrics and Hobby Lobby could double as an exercise in deep symbolism?

Early Dutch and German settlers "installed these stars on barns to ward off evil," as they are known as "barn stars." Because, you know, nothing says "Stay away, evil!" like a big metal star.

"The stars are also known to bring good luck to farmers, too." So, if your crops are failing, just slap a star on your barn, and the problem is solved.

The colors? Oh, they have meanings too, and they are as varied as the crystals at Burning Man that let you breathe through your third eye.

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Here’s what each color means to those who subscribe to such notions:

Brown Star: symbolizes friendship and strength. Because nothing screams "Let's be friends!" like a giant brown star staring at you from across the street.

White Star: stands for purity and energy. A white star, pure as snow—until the birds get to it.

Violet Star: considered holy. Sure.

Green Star: symbolizes hope for growth and fertility on the farm. Green thumbs, meet green stars.

Blue and Black Stars: symbolize protection. The darker the star, the stronger the shield, apparently.

Yellow Star: love of man and the sun. There is nothing like a big yellow star to show your affection for humanity and that giant fission reactor in the sky.

So there you have it. Next time you spot one of these stars, remember: it may not just be décor; it could be a beacon of deep, philosophical meaning.

Or, at the very least, a stylish way to ward off evil while showing off your love for color-coded symbolism.



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