There are some odd town names from all over the nation, but one of the worst has to be right here in North Dakota.

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Is this sophomoric to point out things that anyone who has heard of this town has already thought of? Yes.

Has the train with a direct route to absurdism already left the state? Also yes.

Without further ado, let me present to you Buttzville.

Regardless of your age, it's difficult to laugh at a name like Buttzville. The town is essentially abandoned and is now regarded as a ghost town; therefore, the number of people who may call themselves Buttzville-ites—or Buttzville-ians?—is very limited.

This is where there was supposed to be the caveat that says, well, since Buttzville isn't a real town anymore, let's look at something else. No. This name is so dumb, you are going to have to sit here and wallow in the stupidity.

It sounds like an insult straight out of The Sandlot or Stand By Me.

The people that still live in the area are most likely the salt of the earth and the best that our great state has to offer.  However, they will have to forever live with an ever-present thundercloud looming over their heads.

Late at night, after they eat their Flintstone vitamins and do all of their chores, they are nestled up in their beds, waiting for the sandman to descend upon them.  The thought will creep into their heads.

Not by choice, but because of their tired minds, they will no longer be able to escape it... "I'm from Buttzville."

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