We like to think that North Dakota is by and large a safe state, but there are still some residents that are among us that make us feel uneasy.

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Data was compiled from the North Dakota Sex Offender Registry to show which of the biggest towns in North Dakota has the highest sex offender population

To make the results a little easier to digest, we limited the search to towns in North Dakota with at least 10,000 residents.  To give a better understanding of the data included, it was boiled down to a number per 100,000 people to balance out towns that have a significantly larger population. The numbers of offenders only includes un-incarcerated members of the state population

RankCityPopulationOffendersPer 100K
9West Fargo39,9852767
8Grand Forks58,69283141

Overall, North Dakota has 2,005 offenders, or 257 per 100,000, making the top 4 in the rankings above the state average.

Worth noting: Jamestown may see a significant bump from having the state hospital, and recent releasees may decide to stay in the area.

Likewise for Bismarck and Mandan, the state prison is potentially contributing to increased numbers.

Williston may be seeing a rise from the transient nature of oilfield workers moving into the area.

However, these are all just speculations as to why these four cities have a higher-than-average offender population.

Oregon ranks first for sex offenders per 100,000 residents, with 772 offenders per capita. The state with the most overall offenders is Texas, which has over 100,00 offenders overall.

Using available 2023 data, nationwide, there are 786,838 offenders, which equates to 237 per 100,000 people.

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