I debated whether or not to even write this article. However, I feel it's important to address an issue that has come up recently. I saw a Facebook post by one of our ticket winners trying to sell their prize, and I want to explain why this is problematic and against the spirit of our giveaways.

Fairness: First and foremost, these tickets are meant to be a prize for our loyal listeners, a way to thank you for tuning in and participating. When someone tries to sell their winning tickets, it takes away the opportunity for genuine fans who were excited to attend the event.

Violation of Contest Rules: Many of our contests have clear rules prohibiting the resale of prizes. By selling the tickets, the winner is violating the terms and conditions they agreed to when they entered the contest.


Event Integrity: This behavior undermines the integrity of the events we promote. Event organizers and sponsors provide us with tickets to create excitement and goodwill among fans. When these tickets are resold, it reflects poorly on both the event and our radio station.

Undermines the Radio Station's Credibility: Our goal with these giveaways is to reward and engage our loyal listeners. If winners are seen profiting from their prizes, it can damage our reputation and the trust we've built with our audience.

Legal Issues: There could be legal implications. In some areas, reselling tickets without authorization might be illegal, which could cause problems for both the seller and the buyer.

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If you win tickets and are unable to use them, please pay it forward and give them away to someone else, or return the tickets to the radio station so we can try to give them away again. This way, we can ensure that the tickets go to someone who will appreciate and use them.

I personally thank you for your understanding and cooperation in maintaining the fairness and integrity of our contests. Thank you for being a part of our community and for your continued support. Let's keep the excitement and fun going, the right way!

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